Star Apple Platform – Presenting a New Paradigm in the M&A Market!

Star Apple Platform – Presenting a New Paradigm in the M&A Market!

The global M&A market is gradually expanding, and in recent years, the amount of M&A transactions have been at an all-time high.

Star Apple Limited, an automated and Blockchain-based M&A platform, plans to introduce the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which lately has received the most attention, to make the M&A process transparent and efficient, and easy for the general public to participate. 

“First, we are forming a local investment ecosystem for the United States, Japan, Singapore, Korea, and Hong Kong, and also preparing diversified partnerships such as MOUs and MOAs with several companies in Korea.” says the media spokesperson of Star Apple Limited.

The spokesperson also affirms that the MNA token, a governance token of Star Apple Limited, is aimed at security tokens (STOs), which are attracting attention nowadays.

In a long-term vision, the Star Apple platform plans to expand the market area for not only stocks/equities but also real estate and intellectual property while revitalizing the market and is also considering a leap forward as an STO platform.

The industry is talking about STO as a noteworthy trend after mining coins, metaverse, and NFTs.

STO refers to digital assets that link real assets such as stocks and bonds with blockchain. It is a method that combines the flexibility of cryptocurrency with the reliability of traditional finance and was born by combining the strengths of each.

It is expected that the base of corporate financing through STO will expand more widely in the future.

Star Apple Spokesperson says, “The MNA token reflects this trend and implements a platform that can tokenize assets in general.

Starting with M&A of listed companies and unlisted companies, we plan to tokenize assets that are difficult to enter and require a lot of investment in the future, such as bonds, art, real estate, copyrights, and patents, so that anyone can easily trade them.”

As such, MNA tokens are utilized for decision-making related to M&A and, on the other hand, are used as utility tokens for membership benefits for services acquired through M&A.

Token holders can receive various levels of benefits such as policy participation and decision-making depending on the number of tokens held.

Until now, the M&A process had problems such as information asymmetry between the general public and experts, blocking access to M&A information, and M&A inefficiency. As a solution to this, the StarApple platform has been proposed. 

The StarApple platform seeks to solve the above problems through DAO and blockchain systems and not only provides more convenient access to services but also allows general investors to participate in M&As of large listed companies.

Here, the MNA token, the key currency of the StarApple platform, has a continuous value circulation structure.

MNA token holders can participate in various agendas through governance according to their holding quantity.

Starting with participation in the most basic services provided by the platform, you can directly open an M&A POOL or participate in various platform policy decisions, such as adjusting transaction fees and much more.

In order to make such a three-dimensional platform possible, Star Apple made various preparations. One of them was the acquisition of CTBIT, a coin exchange.

The MNA token will serve as a key token on the CTBIT exchange and open the MNA token market to serve as the main market for newly issued tokens through M&A on the StarApple platform.

In addition, the global P2P exchange ‘Genesis P2P’ was opened in August to help users who are not free to trade coins due to various local laws. P2P transactions are possible freely without registration on the coin exchange.

In addition, it is working with various local listed companies to establish a new M&A platform.

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